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Zambian bishops to develop farm after evicting squatters from land

Zambian church officials said the bishops' conference plans to begin developing a 324 hectacre farm now that squatters have been evicted.

City officials demolished more than 300 shacks on Foxcroft Farm in Lusaka after the bishops won a court case to reclaim the land.

"We will use part of the land to give to our workers to develop their own homes, and another part will be developed as a low-cost housing unit," Fr Ignatius Mwebe, secretary-general of the Zambia Episcopal Conference, said.

Fr Mwebe said the bishops' conference sued the squatters as a "last resort" after they repeatedly refused to accept alternative land near Lusaka's airport that the conference was prepared to give them.

Catholic News Service

Zambia Episcopal Conference

19 Dec 2002