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Popular support for return of disgraced former Galway bishop

The majority of people in Ireland's Galway Diocese believe former Bishop Eamonn Casey, who resigned in 1992 and left the country, should be allowed to return home, according to the results of a survey.

The survey of 400 adults living in the Galway Diocese found that 44% of respondents believed the bishop should be allowed to return to Galway to retire.

19% believed he should be allowed to return as an active priest, 11% said he should be allowed to return as an active bishop and 16% had no opinion on the matter. But 7% believed that "under no circumstances" should Bishop Casey be allowed to return home.

Friends of the 75-year-old bishop have said that he wants to return to Ireland.

"I want to be able to go home a free person," Bishop Casey told the late Veronica Guerin during an interview in November 1993.

But Desmond Connell, the Archbishop of Dublin, left little doubt in a subsequent interview that Bishop Casey would not be welcome. He described the scandal involving the bishop as a low point of his own period as Archbishop of Dublin.

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18 Nov 2002