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Justice priest tells Tasmanian forest congregation that 'God is a greenie'

Fr Brian Gore, best known for his work for global justice, yesterday addressed an ecumenical liturgy in the Tasmanian Styx Valley forest on behalf of Catholic Earthcare Australia.

Anglican priest John Middleton told The Mercury: "Fr Gore basically said, 'God is a greenie,' and the message from the Bible is valuing all our resources, which we shouldn't treat as simply something to rip up and take. It is a very clear statement this is a middle-of-the-road issue.

"Many people have their most spiritual experience in those aged forests, whether they be Christian or not. To see that forest's destruction is like seeing a bulldozer in the middle of a church.

"The ecumenical service was a reflection of that feeling in the society not happy with the current management of the forests, and also, from a Christian perspective, to pray for a direction which takes into account all the values of a forest.

"Instead of a woodchip bottom line - the dollar value - society has been asking for these resources to be valued in all senses."

More than 130 attended the service in the Valley of the Giants, site of a longstanding battle between foresters and conservationists.

The Mercury

Catholic Earthcare Australia
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18 Nov 2002