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Caritas Italy signals health care as casualty of globalisation

There is scarce attention paid by the globalised world to the problems of the health in the developing countries, according to a critique presented at a recent Italian Caritas seminar.

The theme of the seminar was the relationship between the globalisation and the right to the social and health care.

The religious orders news agency Vidimus Dominum quotes Camillan priest Savior Pignatelli, director of a Catholic hospital in Burkina Faso.

Fr Pignatelli spoke of the critically high mortality rate caused by infectious and parasitic illnesses that flourish in places with poor hygiene and scarce availability of water.

He told the seminar that the lack of international willingness to act denies numbers of citizens of African countries the right to life.

Vidimus Dominum

Caritas Italiana

15 Nov 2002