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Pope says Charismatic groups play important role in evangelisation

Members of committed Catholic charismatic groups have an important role to play in evangelisation by being living signs of unity and hope in the world, Pope John Paul II has said.

The world needs the Good News of Christ so that "life may be marked by hope rather than by fear or skepticism," the pope said in a letter on Saturday to the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships, which was meeting in Rome.

In the 35 years that the charismatic renewal has been active in the Catholic Church, the pope said, it has helped people recognise "the beauty of the grace given to them at baptism" and the power of the Holy Spirit poured out on them at confirmation.

By being steadfastly faithful to the Catholic Church, its pastors, bishops and the pope, the charismatic renewal is "a powerful witness to the anchor of truth which the world so needs," the pope said.

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13 Nov 2002