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Family Planning Council aims to become more relevant

The new President of the Australian Council for Natural Family Planning (ACNFP) has pledged to use technology such as the Internet to spread the Council's message.

Perth husband and father Tom O'Donnell said: "In today's society, with its concern on a more 'holistic', 'natural' but effective health care, its so surprising when they say 'I've never heard of NFP, isn't that the Rhythm method?' well, yes, if you're still back in the 1950's."

Mr O'Donnell, who has been associated with Natural Family Planning since 1969, has replaced Susan Berg in the position of Council President for the next two years. This follows his his election at the ACNFP biannual conference held in Sydney last weekend.

"If we are to be successful, we must continue to share our resources and work together," he said. "Technology such as the Internet will help spread the message further."

Mr O'Donnell plans to push Council members to become more evangelical.

"We should be constantly talking about modern effective Natural Family Planning with people me meet, even total strangers," he said. "The coming two years in some way will be a test of our survival."

He said the Council's future depends upon continued co-operation, sharing, innovative ideas and promoting our service.

"In the competitive world of business it could be said 'We have a great product' so let us make a greater effort to sell it. So watch this space!" he concluded.

The Council for Natural Family Planning is auspiced under the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, with Bishop Pat Power as its Canberra-based board chairman.

Australian Council for Natural Family Planning

Australian Council for Natural Family Planning
Church 'got it right' on the Pill more than 30 years ago (17/8/01)


The worst response to the growing number of divorces is to give in, according to the Pontifical Council for the Family.

It says in a document released in the past week that divorce is not just a legal question, but above all a source of suffering for the couple, the children and their loved ones.

The document states that the majority of families still live in "a firm and faithful union", yet "the precariousness of the conjugal bond is one of the characteristics of the contemporary world".

The document refers to the most important issues addressed during the last plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Family, held last month, which focused on "Family Pastoral Care and Couples in Difficulty."

Noting the growing "divorce mentality" that "weakens spouses," the council's statement explains that "that to give up without a struggle is something very frequent."

"Divorce is not just a legal question; it is not a passing 'crisis,' but affects the human being," the document says. It is a problem "of a destroyed relation," which will "forever mark" each member of the family, it adds.


Pontifical Council for the Family

13 Nov 2002