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Hobart archbishop expresses opposition to same-sex adoption

Archbishop Adrian Doyle has stated his opposition to adoption of children by gay couples by saying there is no legal "right to a child" under Australian law.

He called for public debate while noting the Catholic Church's difficulty with the notion of same-sex adoptions.

"The Christian-Judeo traditions as well as other faiths and some people of no belief hold that the child has a better chance at a balanced development with the love of male and female parents," Archbishop Doyle said.

"Adoption is influenced by the belief that every child has the right to a family," he said.

He said it must be remembered the right of the child was paramount. He called for a conscience vote in Parliament, which Liberal politicians plan.

Tasmanian same-sex couples will be allowed to adopt children from the middle of next year.

Gay couples will also be able to officially register their relationships with the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Tasmania will be the only state to give legal recognition to gay relationships in the form of a registered contract.

Hobart's Anglican Bishop John Harrower also expressed his concern, sayhing that same-sex adoptions would not best serve the interests of children. He said a lot of research shows children raised with gay parents are worse off than those with a mother and father.

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Britain's new gay adoption laws could put vulnerable children at further risk, the Archbishop of Cardiff claimed on Friday.

Archbishop Peter Smith said that the law passed, which will allow same-sex couples to jointly adopt children, is "not in the best interests of children."

Writing in today's Universe newspaper, Archbishop Smith reiterated the traditional Catholic teaching that "marriage is the cornerstone of family life." And he said it was "alarming" that homosexual couple could now adopt children.

He said, "What little research has been done on this subject is far from definitive or satisfactory. The full effect that being raised by lesbian or gay parents has on a child's life as an adult is unchartered territory. Therefore we should not let political correctness cloud our judgment when considering the possibility of adoption by same-sex couples without being very clear about the long-term effect on the child."

Catholic World News

11 Nov 2002