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Church groups welcome Canadian oil company's decision to leave Sudan

The decision of Talisman Energy Inc. to sell its oil interests in war-torn Sudan is being celebrated as a victory by Canadian church and human rights organisations.

But the rights groups, which alleged the oil was helping to finance Sudan's civil war, said Canada has no legislation to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

Joe Gunn, social affairs director for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and co-chairman of Kairos, an ecumenical coalition dedicated to promoting human rights, said Talisman did the right thing by selling its oil properties in Sudan.

"We think we should take some sense of accomplishment in the popular movement - the trade unions, the churches, the Sudanese community in Canada," he said. "At the same time we're convinced the work isn't over. There is no legislation in Canada that prevents this from happening again."

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6 Nov 2002