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Adelaide call for YCS to embrace change

An decision of the Archdiocese of Adelaide not to fund the Young Christian Students movement need not spell the end for the youth organisation, according to the Chancellor for Mission, Mrs Kathy McEvoy.

Funding for the YCS will cease in 2003, following an archdiocesan budget review committee decision not to provide $98,000 in annual funding for the organisation.

Mrs McEvoy said she was heartened by the energy, goodwill and enthusiasm shown by the YCS Council as it embraced the change and moved into the future as a volunteer organisation.

Mrs McEvoy said the archdiocese is helping with the transition by giving support through the diocesan coordinator of Catholic Youth Formation, Mrs Julie Trinidad.

Adelaide is one of two dioceses in Australia which still funds YCS. In Adelaide, there are two parishes and four Catholic schools currently supporting small YCS groups.

Mrs McEvoy said YCS could still function with energy and enthusiasm and reach out to young people who are looking for this particular outlet in the church. It would still have a valuable role as one of the many volunteer youth apostolates in the archdiocese.

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5 Nov 2002