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Lobbyists say mid-year budget outlook highlights urban-rural divide

The mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook revealed this week reflects a lack of sustainable social development across Australia, according to the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin).

The Outlook was released on Wednesday by Federal Treasurer Peter Costello showed the non-farm part of the economy continues to grow solidly, while regional and rural Australia is set to suffer a 17% decline in farm production, largely due to the drought.

"What this all means is Australians living in urban areas are experiencing unprecedented economic growth and are enjoying the social development that flows with such growth, whereas those living in regional and rural Australians they are not," said PolMin Coordinator James McGillicuddy. "This situation is unjust and cannot be simply accepted."

"Australia has an international obligation under the United Nations Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development 1995 to ensure all Australians enjoy the same level of social development no matter where they live," he said. "Distributive justice confirms and underpins this obligation: all Australians must be given the opportunity to socially develop no matter where they live or who they are."


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29 Nov 2002