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Catholic bodies call on Christian women to wear head scarf today

Two Brisbane-based Catholic organisations calling on Christian women to wear a head scarf today as a sign of solidarity with Muslim women who are being abused and attacked in public in the wake of the Bali bombing.

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane and the Social Action Office of the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes Queensland are also asking Christian men to wear some form of traditional Muslim headwear.

Today's action was initiated by a Jewish woman from Canberra and the two Catholic organisations support this action because they want a just response to the Bali bombing to be supported by the Australian people.

The Executive Officer of the Commission, Peter Arndt, said that the victims of the Bali bombings must receive justice in full measure.

"Those who are responsible for the bombings and the tragic loss of life must be found and brought before a court of law so that justice is done," Mr Arndt said.

"This is what any person who values justice should support, but a society which values justice must also act decisively to challenge abuse and violence directed towards anyone, whether they are a Muslim or not," he said.

Meanwhile Mr Arndt has criticised as "unfortunate" recent comments of Rev Fred Nile in the NSW Parliament. Mr Nile called for a ban on Muslim clothing because it could be used to conceal weapons used by terrorists.

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission/Catholic Leader

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission
Social Action Office, Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Queensland
Avigail Abarbanel (organiser National Headscarf Day)

29 Nov 2002