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British Cardinal stands up to media on abuse case

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, has claimed he is following correct procedure as determined by the Church's Nolan Review, following claims by the BBC that a priest was allowed to remain in his post after allegations that he sexually abused a 17 year old youth 16 year ago.

Murphy-O'Connor issued a statement in which he maintained that the priest was withdrawn from his parish earlier this year after the incident was brought to the attention of the Diocese.

"The Diocese then reported the matter to the police for investigation, against the wishes of the complainant who preferred not to pursue any complaint," he said. "He declined to co-operate with the police."

"Any implication or accusation that the Nolan recommendations have not been implemented in full is completely wrong."

In a pastoral letter at the weekend, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor assured Catholics that the Nolan Review has been accepted and is being fully implemented in all parishes in England and Wales.

"This is something that nurtures confidence both in the bishops and all of you, that the protection of children is of the highest priority in the Catholic Church and will remain so," he said.

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27 Nov 2002