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Church leaders declare Sunday a day of prayer for rain

The leaders of Australia's major Christian denominations have asked their faithful to set aside Sunday as a day of prayer for rain to end the current drought.

The 15 leaders have directed that the prayer takes place at local churches rather than major venues in each state or city. They believe that prayer at local venues will put people in contact with one another, and help them express their beliefs and fears.

Yesterday's statement from the National Council of Churches of Australia points out that most, if not all, worshipping groups in Australia have been praying for rain for some time, but all have been asked to do so jointly on Sunday.

"Now is the time," said Rev John Henderson of the National Council of Churches in Australia, "for Australians to go back to their churches and places of worship to speak to God about what is in their hearts."

The widespread rain that fell yesterday in parts of south-eastern Australia does not make the prayer redundant. The rain destroyed the yet to be harvested grain crops of many farmers.

National Council of Churches of Australia

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27 Nov 2002