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Vatican rejects Matt Talbot sainthood bid miracle file

The campaign to beatify Irish Matt Talbot has been dealt a bitter blow when a dossier on a possible cure attributed to him was rejected by the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The Universe reports that the news will come as a disappointment to John Paul II, who has long had a particular interest in the reformed alcoholic and has hinted that he would like to go to Ireland if Talbot was ever beatified.

Campaigners now hope that the Pope will set aside Canon Law, and the need for a recognised cure, to declare Talbot a saint. They feel that the world has urgent need for the late dock worker's intercession at a time when alcoholism and other drug addictions are destroying families around the globe.

Among them is Fr Philip O'Driscall, Secretary of Cardinal Desmond Connell's committee for the Cause of Matt Talbot.

"We were all very optimistic that we had finally found a cure that would allow Matt's Beatification but our hopes have been dashed," he told The Universe. "But the Pope has the authority to side-step the Canon Law rules which require a miracle."

The argument is being made that there must be hundreds of 'moral miracles' which could be attributed to intercession to Talbot by people who have prayed for a loved ones to give up booze or drugs.

Matt Talbot was born in Dublin's inner city on May 2 1856. He became a hard drinker from an early age but was moved by God to take a vow of abstinence aged 28 and devoted the rest of his life to prayer and good works.

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26 Nov 2002