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Pope stresses parish role in formation of laity

At a meeting with the members of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Pope John Paul II stressed the role of the parish as "the heart of liturgical life" in the Church, and centre of doctrinal and moral formation.

The Pope spoke on Saturday to participants in a plenary meeting of the Council, and told them that the Church needs lay people "who are conscious of the evangelical vocation" and ready to bring the message of the Gospel into the secular world.

To carry out their role, he said, the laity need strong support from their parishes.

"Many of the baptised seem to have lost contact with their religious heritage, because of a strong trend of de-Christianisation," the Pope observed. Society, he explained, promotes "a certain relativism which tends to emphasize critical attitudes with regard to Catholic moral doctrine." As a result many Catholics feel free to choose the Church teachings which they will accept, and abandon others.

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26 Nov 2002