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International Catholic health care group begins operations

18 years after its founding, The International Federation of Catholic Health Care Associations (AISAC) is finally operational.

The group was founded by John Paul II in 1984, and then relaunched in July 1999 with a world symposium. AISAC became operational following a recent meeting in Rome.

"This association was created to encourage and strengthen all Catholic health centres and foster communion among them with technological, scientific, personal and also economic help, when the case requires it," said Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragán, president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers, which houses AISAC's headquarters.

The purpose of the planning meeting was to apply to the work of national associations the findings of Vatican conference earlier this month.

In receiving the participants of this congress, John Paul II appealed for a review of the role of hospitals, especially Catholic facilities, as places where suffering and death are given human and Christian meaning.


Rev. Michael D. Place, STD, Elected Chairperson of the International Association of Catholic Health Care Institutions (CHAUSA)
The Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care | XVII International Conference
Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care | XVII International Conference

21 Nov 2002