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John Paul II says Church must try to shape culture

The Church's presence in public life depends above all on the contribution that pastors and faithful can make to culture, according to John Paul II.

The Holy Father relayed that view in a message sent to the Italian bishops' conference, which is meeting in general assembly.

The main topic of the assembly, which concludes today, is the "anthropological question", or the imperative to "give a more intense and incisive cultural dimension to the work of evangelisation."

Responding to the question 'who is man?', the Pope said there is a dendency to "deny or forget the oneness of our being and our vocation", that we are "creatures made in the image of God".

In order that the Church contribute its values to contemporary culture, the Pope appealed for a concrete commitment of presence in the media.

In particular, he applauded the media established by the Italian episcopate: the newspaper Avvenire, the satellite television channel Sat2000, and the radio station station Blue Sat2000.


Italian Bishops Conference
Sat 2000

21 Nov 2002