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BBC accuses Cardinal over child sex priests

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales failed to act appropriately when dealing with paedophile priests in his former diocese of Arundel and Brighton, a BBC investigation alleged.

Murphy-O'Connor is currently subject of a police inquiry over claims he covered up the activities of Fr Michael Hill.

But an investigation by BBC Radio's Today program revealed that some priests had been allowed to continue their pastoral duties in the same diocese despite serious allegations.

The Church has rejected calls for the Cardinal to resign, saying that the "compulsive and obsessive" nature of paedophilia was not generally understood in the 1980s, when the allegations emerged.

A spokesman pointed out that the Cardinal was responsible for launching a review by Lord Nolan to guide the Church on how to stop sexual abuse, after admitting "inadequate procedures" had led to errors in the past.

Two years ago, the BBC revealed that, as Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, the Cardinal had allowed Hill to continue working even though he knew he was a paedophile.


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21 Nov 2002