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Bishops' researcher signals return of Embryo Bill

A bill described as "authorising the destruction of human life for profit" will return to the Senate for debate on 2 December.

Research fellow for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Dr Warwick Neville said the Research Involving Embryos Bill 2002 would allow surplus IVF embryos to be used for experimentation in stem cell research.

Dr Neville said "this bill makes available embryos from childless couples that will now become human guinea pigs for profit."

He added there was no ethical problem with using adult stem cells for research.

"Medically, its the way to go," he said. "There are no tissue rejection problems because the cells are taken from the same patient being treated. "However there are enormous problems associated with using tissues derived from embryonic stem cells."

Dr Neville said the Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill was passed in the Senate earlier this month and would return to the House of Representatives with very few amendments.

Catholic Leader

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21 Nov 2002