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Adelaide vicar general says 'quick fix' won't achieve world peace

Monsignor David Cappo, Australia's sole keynote speaker at an international peace conference held last month in Vienna, has urged world leaders to avoid the apparent "quick fix" solutions to conflicts throughout the world.

Adelaide's Archdiocesan vicar general delivered the timely message to the United Nations' co-sponsored International Conference on World Peace.

In his address, Mgr Cappo, who is also chair of the South Australian Government's Social Inclusion Board, called on world leaders to seek diplomatic solutions to the world's crises.

"It is crucial in this time of instability in our global community, with the possibility of escalation of hostilities and violence, of war and suffering, that we plead more and more for effective negotiation and dialogue between people and nations," he told political leaders, ambassadors and consuls from more than 40 nations.

"A serious reflection on the history of our world will show that this is the pathway to lasting and effective peace," he said. "Constant resistance and seemingly intractable positions must not give way to the frustration and the illusion that armed conflict will be the quick solution to seemingly intractable problems between nations."

Mgr Cappo warned that the threat of impending war on a large scale had given rise to much damaging anxiety in the communities of the world.

Mgr Cappo was invited to address the conference by His Holiness Parahmans Swami Maheshvarananda, one of India's most senior Hindu leaders.

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International Conference on World Peace
World Conference on Religion and Peace

4 Nov 2002