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Pell criticises Towards Healing notification delay

Archbishop George Pell of Sydney has criticised the Towards Healing program for a two-month delay from when the complaints of sexual abuse were made against him and when he was informed, according to The Catholic Leader.

"I think it's remarkable," he told the Sydney press conference on Monday. "I would have anticipated being informed earlier than that."

Archbishp Pell said the delay was one of a number of issues he would discuss with those in charge of Towards Healing.

He said he prayed for the man who accused him and bears him no ill will. He said he would be happy to speak to his accuser.

Archbishop Pell said that the inquiry had been in camera to protect the anonymity of the complainant, who had refused to go to police, which could have led to an open court hearing.

The Catholic Leader

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17 Oct 2002