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Catholic Social Services meets today to consider Vic election agenda

Catholic Social Services Victoria is today holding a conference to begin the broad community process of discerning and discussing the issues and setting the agenda for the upcoming election.

An announcement of the date for the election from Victorian Premier Steve Bracks (pictured) is thought to be imminent.

The Conference will feature leading advocates and policy researchers exploring issues of social policy including gambling, disability, aged care law and order, drugs, housing, families and children, rural issues and the increasing costs of services for low income households.

"Notions of citizenship and community are highly valued by Victorians," said CSS Policy and Research Director Fr Joe Caddy. "There are many who share a deep concern that Victoria remain a place where opportunity abounds: a place where deliberate measures are taken to ensure that all people are included and that none are excluded."

According to a statement released by CSS on Friday, entrenched poverty, poor educational opportunities, lack of decent affordable housing, inability to access health services in particular mental health services and the neglect of certain rural and urban areas all contribute to the marginalisation and exclusion of individuals families and communities from economic and social life.

"Political will is required if these issues are to be addressed. These are the issues that Catholic Social Services Victoria believes should define the upcoming election campaign."

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Catholic Social Services Victoria
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14 Oct 2002