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Womens ordination group to meet in Hobart

The group Ordination of Catholic Women (OCW) will meet in Hobart next month in defiance of directives by the Church hierarchy that women's ordination must not be discussed.

Tasmanian convenor of OCW Ann Ryan told The Mercury that those attending the conference could risk rejection by their religious communities.

She said Austrian nuns who proceeded with ordination ceremonies earlier this year were excommunicated by the Church.

"We don't expect change on the issue of women's ordination soon, but we do want to keep discussion open," said Mrs Ryan. "This is not about the church of today, it's about the church of the future."

At 71, said she doesn't want to be a priest, but she wants the Catholic women of the future to have the opportunity.

She told the paper that some Catholic publications refused to carry advertisements for the conference, saying its contents were heretical.

A loyal Catholic, she has never entertained thoughts of leaving the church, deciding instead to lobby for change from within. Mrs Ryan stressed that the Ordination of Catholic Women was not an anti- church organisation.

The conference keynote speaker will be Dutch theologian Dr John Wijngaards.

Hobart's Archbishop Adrian Doyle declined to comment on the conference.

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11 Oct 2002