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Missionaries of Charity no comment on Mother Teresa miracle controversy

The Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta have decided to ignore the controversy sparked off by the claims of a tribal woman that Mother Teresa had "healed" her.

"The MoC had nothing whatsoever to say in the matter," Sister Christina a senior nun in the Mother House told reporters this week.

Last week, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican said the disappearance of a tumor in an Indian woman, Monica Bersa, was due to a miracle by the Albanian-born founder of the Calcutta-based Missionaries of Charity.

But a former health minister of the West Bengal government, Parth De sparked the controversy by saying that the woman was "cured after prolonged medication in government hospitals."

Current Health Minister, Surya Kanta Mishra said that the "government was not bothered about Mother's beatification process."

But he stood by what his former ministerial colleague Parth De had said. "In the 21st century how can you talk about miracle healing?" Mishra wondered.

However, what has largely contributed to an air of doubt is the fact that Besra could not be traced at her north Dinajpur home when TV channels rushed there to record her statements. Unconfirmed reports said she was under "protection" of the Church.

However, her relatives and family believe that she was cured of her ovarian tumour because of her sustained "prayers to God" and the Mother's blessings.

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10 Oct 2002