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Ratzinger defends Catechism on 10th anniversary of publication

On the 10th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger defended the text against some theologians' "hostile rejection" because of its alleged failure to incorporate modern biblical research and ecumenical sensibilities.

The cardinal, head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, also said the catechism has been welcomed in many parts of the church and eventually may help eliminate "deviations" in liturgical practice.

Cardinal Ratzinger made his remarks at Tuesday's opening session of a four-day Vatican meeting to assess the reception of the catechism a decade after its release. About 200 people participated, including representatives of bishops' conferences and catechetical experts from around the world.

The Vatican's clergy congregation, which organised the meeting along with the doctrinal congregation, broadcast the proceedings live on the Internet.

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Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (pictured) - the prelate who chaired the editorial committee that produced the Catechism of the Catholic Church - has suggested that it would be useful to have a shorter version of the 500-page volume.

However, Cardinal Schoenborn also admitted that it would be extremely difficult to condense the Catechism while remaining faithful to the original text.

Having worked on the main volume, he said, he has a keen understanding of the difficulties involved in synthesising the thought of theologians, pastors, and bishops. To produce a pocket catechism, he said, "would require the know-how and holiness of a Peter Canisius, a Robert Bellarmine, or a Turibius de Mongrobejo." (His reference was to three scholarly saints of the 16th century, each of whom produced a short catechism.)

Cardinal Schoenborn said that he is satisfied with the impact that the Catechism has had in the 10 years since it was first issued. But he said that it remains essential to broaden the use and understanding of the Catechism.

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10 Oct 2002