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Hobart priest battles Council over parking meters

The parish priest of Hobart's inner-city St Joseph's fears the introduction of one hour parking restrictions on Sunday morning will some keep members of his congregation away from mass.

Fr Peter Addicoat and his counterpart at the Christian City Church have contacted the Hobart City Council about the meters, which are scheduled to be fired up when Sunday trading begins in seven weeks.

"The meters outside St Joseph's are one hour and people arrive from about 9am for 9.30am mass," he told The Mercury. "By the time they've had a chat and returned to their car it's 11:00 am.

"In the meantime, they've got a parking ticket. We're not close to the parking stations and it is difficult for elderly or young families. I've already had calls from parishioners.

"There's another mass at 11am and baptisms after that. Even if the meters were two hours it would give them an opportunity."

Up to 200 people attend each mass.

Hobart City Council road and traffic engineering group manager Leyon Parker said: "I think churchgoers are just going to have to park further away."

The Mercury

Archdiocese of Hobart | St Joseph's
St Joseph's Catholic Church

9 Oct 2002