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Leading Palestinian warns on diminishing peace prospects

A leading Palestinian has warned that the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is 'seriously endangering' the possibility of a two-state solution in the Holy Land.

"Outside help" is needed to help resolve the conflict, Professor Sari Nuseibeh (pictured), the Rector of Al Quds University in Jerusalem and one of the Palestinian negotiators at the Madrid Conference on the Middle East, told British Catholic newspaper The Universe.

He stressed "the great need" too for Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders to provide moral guidance to both peoples, to help them get beyond the violence and hatred.

"Israelis and Palestinians need to hear the voice of reason coming from third parties because of the lack of trust, the fear and suspicion, the anger and passions that exist within each community", he said. "Distrust has come to prevail at all levels."

"We are now at a very dangerous juncture," he said. The time for a two state solution is running out, though it could still happen if there is the necessary determination and commitment. But if this does not happen "within this year, then it will just not work."

The Universe

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Al Quds University | President

3 Oct 2002