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Catholic lobbyists want Govt rethink on regional development

The Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin) has called on Federal Parliament to reconsider the 30-year old regional development policy in light of the study released yesterday by National Economics.

A statement from PolMin asserts that the study, which was completed for the Australian Local Government Association, made two "alarming observations".

"The first was that most of the nation's 64 regions lacked the creative core to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and the second that regional governments are assuming increased responsibility for development of employment, environmental, research and development, housing and urban regeneration and transport policy."

PolMin pointed out the implication of these observations that the Federal policy of regional and urban development set out in the Urban and Regional Development (Financial Assistance) Act 1974, is not working.

"It is no wonder that the policy is not working because if you have a close look at it you will find that it provides no meaningful guidelines for development," commented PolMin.

"PolMin calls on Federal Parliament to reconsider the 30 year-old Act governing regional and urban development so that observations made in the study are rectified," said PolMin coordinator James McGillicuddy. "On behalf of those persons encountering personal, social, and economic disadvantage as a result of the inadequacy of the current policy, PolMin will lobby each Senator and Member of the House of Representatives until this unjust policy is changed."


National Economics
Australian Local Government Association | Strengthen local government to counter regional inequality (media release 29/10/02)

31 Oct 2002