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Catholic groups preparing to challenge WTO

Several Catholic organisations have joined forces with other Christian groups to organise awareness-raising actions ahead of the World Trade Organisation November meeting in Sydney.

A new ecumenical coalition was founded last week by the Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs (ACMICA) and members from the Australian Student Christian Movement (ASCM), Foothills Vineyard Church youths and University of Sydney's Catholic Society.

The Coalition's Preparation Day on 9 November will be based on the "pastoral cycle" methodology involving ideological and critical analysis of the WTO's agenda, biblical reflection, legal and direct action training and practical preparation such as banner, costumes, prop and t-shirt making.

ACMICA chairperson Minh Nguyen (pictured) stressed that the Coalition is not looking for 'hard core activists' but those who wish to give voice to deeply-held principles.

"For Christians we must also ground our actions in solid theological and moral platforms," he said. "Even if people do not intend to participate in the protests, they should still come along if they want to know more about the WTO or how a theological enquiry can help inform our responses."

He said people should also come if they want "a better understanding of what non-violent direct action is", and what might happen on the day "rather than relying on the tabloid media to tell them this".


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31 Oct 2002