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Pell biography launched

In his only reference to the recent sex allegations, Sydney's Archbishop George Pell said at the launch of his biography yesterday that he's disconcerted the biography had been written while he was still alive.

There were jokes, admonishments and some lecturing in a brief speech acknowledging the book written by Tess Livingstone. He signalled political correctness, hostile opponents and the pressures of the secular society were firmly in his sights.

"But ... I can also honestly say it is less disconcerting than some of the things I have been through in the last couple of months."

Earlier this month he returned to work following the inquiry into allegations that he sexually abused a minor at a camp in Victoria in the 1960s. Dr Pell said Livingstone's biography threw light on the struggle for the church's soul.

"It's a struggle that is taking place under the remorseless pressure of the wider Australian secular society - to have us conform to what is political correctness," he said. "I believe basically we can't do that and remain faithful to the core of Christian tradition."

Dr Pell said he would continue to preach God's message "and not some human thinking".

"To some people such a claim is offensive, counter-cultural and evidence of intolerance," he said. "But it is to this proposition, however imperfectly, that I dedicate my life and I will continue to do so."


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30 Oct 2002