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Melkite Greek Patriarch to acknowledge Aboriginal land ownership

His Beatitude Gregory III Laham, the Melkite Greek Patriarch of Antioch, arrives in Sydney on Friday for an 18 day apostolic visit that will also include engagements in Canberra and Melbourne.

The Patriarch will discuss the spiritual, political and social issues in the Middle East from his experience as the former Archbishop of Jerusalem. His Beatitude will also acknowledge Aboriginal ownership of land in Australia when he is introduced to the Aboriginal community at Eora Centre, in Redfern.

His Beatitude will meet the Archbishop of Sydney Dr George Pell, as well as Melkite Bishop Issam John Darwish Eparch of Australia and New Zealand, NSW Premier Bob Carr and Australia's Governor General Dr Peter Hollingworth.

The Melkite Church uses the Byzantine Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church. The Byzantine Rite is one of the six main rites in the Catholic Church. The best known rite, the Roman Rite, is represented by the Roman Catholic Church and headed by Pope John Paul II.

He is also known as the Thirteenth of the Holy Apostles, Father of Fathers, Pastor of Pastors and the Bishop of Bishops.

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30 Oct 2002