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Miracle attributed to Perth statue tears

Oil from Perth's weeping statue is producing miracles, according to parish priest Fr Henry Walsh, who said a Sydney colleague told him last week about a cancer sufferer "cured" after witnessing the statue's "tears".

Sydney woman Tien Huynh Thi, 82, who has stomach cancer, saw the statue in September. She could barely move and had been given two months to live, according to her son Chau Nguyen.

But when she returned to Sydney, doctors were surprised by her appearance and after examining her, told relatives she would probably survive another year, or longer.

Chau Nguyen, who flew with his mother to Perth, said the woman, a Buddhist, had spent three hours looking at the statue.

"Before she went to Perth she was exhausted after half an hour but we went out last night until midnight and she was chatting away and very happy."

The statue continues to attract a steady flow of believers from around WA and across the world, including a Washington priest who flew to the Western Australian coastal town about a week ago to collect oil.

It is almost two months since the fibreglass statue of the Virgin Mary first attracted daily pilgrimages to the home of its owner Patty Powell. Visitors have since donated $22,000, which has been given to Perth's Sister Joan Evans who works with Bangkok's poor.

Sunday Times

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29 Oct 2002