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US Bishops preparing Catechism aimed at young

Bishop Donald Wuerl, chairman of the US bishops' Committee on Education, is hoping that a new catechism aimed at young adults will be ready for Vatican review by November next year.

Bishop Wuerl of Pittsburgh discussed the project at the recent international congress in Rome marking the 10th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He spoke forthrightly about the need for catechesis in the United States.

"Our American culture is aggressively secular, to such an extent that the environment can be actually hostile to Christian faith," he said in his address.

"In fact, the heavy emphasis on the individual and his or her rights has greatly eroded the concept of the common good and its ability to call people to something beyond themselves," Wuerl said.

"This impacts strongly on the Church's ability to persuade people to accept revealed teaching that cannot be changed by democratic process and to embrace an absolute moral imperative that is not the result of prior popular approbation," he warned.

Bishop Wuerl said: "It is anticipated that by no later than November 2003, the adult Catholic catechism written for and directed particularly to the young adults who form so much of the focus of the new evangelisation today will be ready for final approval by the Conference of Bishops."


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29 Oct 2002