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Dominican friar top adviser for Brazilian presidential candidate

A prominent Brazilian Dominican friar said he believes Brazil's next government will keep its promises to the poor.

"Our main expectation is for the fight against hunger, the end of extreme poverty and the struggle against unemployment," said Dominican Brother Carlos Alberto Libanio Christo (pictured), known throughout Brazil as Frei Betto.

"If Lula assures a dish of food every day to each Brazilian, that will be a social revolution," he said, referring to the nickname of presidential candidate Luiz Inacio da Silva.

Da Silva, a former metal worker and union boss who heads the Workers' Party, has wide support among the working class and Catholics. One week before this coming Tuesday's election, polls said 66% of voters would vote for da Silva. On the street, "Lula la!" ("Lula there," meaning the presidential palace) has become a common greeting.

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25 Oct 2002