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Bishops announce Anglican-Roman Catholic Unity prayer day

Australia's Anglicans and Roman Catholics will pray together for church unity on Monday 4 November, the chair of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Committee for Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations has announced.

The Chair, Bishop Michael Putney, yesterday announced the day of prayer together with the Catholic Co-chair of AustARC (the Anglican-Roman Catholic conversation for Australia), Bishop David Walker.

The day of prayer falls in the week of All Saints' Day for both traditions and encourages us to recognise holiness in the lives of Roman Catholic and Anglican Christians, the two Bishops said.

Resources for praying together are available on the Catholic Bishops Conference website (see links below).

In yesterday's statement, Bishops Putney and Walker said Australian Anglican-Roman Catholic relationships in the past have "varied from cool respect to outright hostility".

"These days there is a much greater degree of warmth and mutual understanding, and praying together is a way of building on these changes," they said. "While we still lack full visible unity, both the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury have urged Roman Catholics and Anglicans to keep working to strengthen our connections".

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25 Oct 2002