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Indian Catholics consider including Sanskrit in prayers

The synod of bishops from India and Philippines, which began on Sunday in India, is studying a proposal to include the Sanskrit word "Sachidanand" in liturgical prayers, in order to make Christianity more acceptable to Hindi speakers.

"The word 'Sachidanand,' meaning the Trinity of Gods, also conforms to the Christian precept of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit," according to Archbishop Benedict Osta SJ of Patna (pictured).

In India, Christians generally say prayers in English or in literal translations into local languages.

Osta said the church was also considering publishing a Hindi-language magazine and setting up a press to publish liturgical books in Hindi.

The three-day meeting was called to find ways to make Christianity more amenable to Hindi-speakers in the wake of a number of attacks on Christians and their churches.


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23 Oct 2002