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Catholic Welfare says soaring house prices push poor out

Catholic Welfare Australia has pleaded for additional funds to be allocated to public housing, on the eve of the Commonwealth and the State/Territory Housing Ministers negotiations for their next Housing Agreement (CSHA).

"Current waiting lists indicate there are in excess of 220,000 families who are in need of affordable accommodation," said National Director Toby O'Connor. "The soaring prices of housing in the capital cities means that these families have absolutely no chance of home ownership - not now, not ever."

"To make matters worse, these families are paying unsustainably high amounts of their weekly income on rents in the volatile private rental market," he added.

"It's easy to forget with the stockmarket hype that accompanies the incredible rise in house prices in almost all capital cities that thousands of Australian families are battling to find affordable accommodation as the stock of public housing cannot keep up with demand."

Mr O'Connor called on the Federal Government to "exercise leadership to develop new ideas to get the right mix of public and private investment in public housing". He suggested that private contributions from parts of the non-government sector should be explored as part of this mix.

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23 Oct 2002