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Belgian Jesuit receives Vatican rebuke

A top Vatican official has said that 'ruinous positions' on interreligious dialogue being taken by some Catholic theologians have weakened the Church's educational efforts among the faithful.

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos told a Vatican conference that these theologians, in their efforts to promote interreligious dialogue, were continuing to mistakenly present non-Christian religions as 'equally valid' to Christianity.

In particular, Cardinal Castrillon criticised Belgian Jesuit, Fr Jacques Dupuis, whose book, Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism, was scrutinised by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2001.

The cardinal cited Fr Dupuis' statement that God's self-revelation through Jesus was 'limited, incomplete and imperfect,' in part because of the limitations of Christ's own human consciousness.

On the contrary, Cardinal Castrillon said, the divine mystery is fully revealed in Christ.

Christ expressed through his life and language all that God meant to reveal and all that could be expressed to humans. What the Church needs to underline in its teaching is the 'completeness, centrality and saving universality of Christian revelation,' he added.

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22 Oct 2002