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Catholic Welfare urges ALP to make job-creation the priority for bush

Catholic Welfare Australia (CWA) Director Toby O'Connor told Friday's ALP Poverty Roundtable that economic reform and job creation are priorities for regional Australia.

He stressed that many regional Australian communities that cannot be considered 'self-reliant' deserve government support. Job creation is a particular need in many areas, including public sector jobs and special assistance to private sector initiatives in the most disadvantaged regions.

Mr O'Connor summarised CWA's practical recommendations in a list of 'nine initiatives to help address poverty in Regional Australia', at the end of a more theoretical paper titled 'The Dissonance of Rhetoric and Will'.

He called for a systematic approach to regional development that must include a 'quantum step' in infrastructure provision. He suggested that a more piecemeal approach would not work.

He said: "Government approach to regional policy to be truly whole of government and coherent - not just a subset of structural economic reform; i.e. regional development ought to become an 'explicit objective of government'."

Catholic Welfare Australia

Catholic Welfare Australia
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22 Oct 2002