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Melbourne Justice Commission urges boycott of 'blood tax'

The Justice, Development and Peace Commission of the Melbourne Archdiocese is calling on Australians "troubled" by the war on Iraq to boycott the payment of any war levy.

Government ministers have conceded that it will be difficult to pay war expenses of up to one billion dollars without raising further revenue.

"We are asking people to signal to their employers and to the wider community their oppositon to paying any war levy to finance the slaughter," said the Commission's Executive Officer Marc Purcell. "The self-employed could withhold a proportion of their tax, employers could indicate to the Australian Tax Office that their employees do not want to pay the war levy."

Mr Purcell stressed emphatically that Australians "do not want a blood tax".

He said Australian defence personnel are being put unnecessadly at risk, Iraq is not a direct threat to Australia in any way and is a trading partner. He added that there are "worrying questions" about US motivatons in regards to gaining control of oil production in Iraq.

Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace

Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace
Source: Catholic Commission for Justice Development and Peace Melbourne
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2 Oct 2002