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Caritas Australia calls for international response to Bali bombing

Caritas Australia, the Church's national aid and development organisation, has indicated that it is deeply disturbed by the implications of last Saturday's Bali bombing, urging international action to eradicate what Caritas considers its root cause.

Extending sympathy to the victims of the violence, national director Jack de Groot said violent actions such as this thrive in conditions of poverty, human rights abuse and injustice. He said these root causes of violence need to be dealt with causes need to be dealt with as much as the individuals responsible for such crimes.

In a statement released yesterday, Mr de Groot urged "a just and legal pursuit of the perpetrators of this violence and with this a combined action to address the underlying causes of the violence."

"We need to work in solidarity with Indonesia for positive change and to help prevent further violence," he said.

Caritas Australia has a long history of work in the developing countries of South East Asia and has a firm relationship with its people in developing human rights, justice and peace in the region.

Caritas Australia works closely with partners in Indonesia and is channelling funds through to our NGO partners caring for victims in Bali.

The phone number for those wishing to contribute is 1800 024 413.

Caritas Australia


A special shrine of candles and flowers has been designed for the main altar of St Mary's Cathedral for the victims of the Bali tragedy. The names of those victims who have been confirmed dead are listed on the shrine.

Cathedral Dean Monsignor Tony Doherty said all are invited: "This shrine may provide an opportunity of the people of this city, whether Catholic or not, people of any religious belief or none to take some time in reflection and prayer in the sanctuary of the Cathedral."

The Bali Shrine will stay in place for the next few weeks.

The Eucharist will be celebrated each weekday at 6.45am, 1.10pm and 6.00pm with a special emphasis on praying for the victims of the tragedy and their grieving families, for all those who are searching for loved ones and for those who lie in hospital seriously injured and maimed. On Sunday 20 October, the National Day of Mourning, the solemn Mass will be celebrated at 10.30am in memory of the victims of the Bali tragedy.

Today, in a classical response to mourning, there will be a muffled peal of bells from 6.00pm until 9.30pm. On the National Day of Mourning, a single bell will be tolled throughout the day.

Catholic Communications (Sydney)

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18 Oct 2002