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Catholic Health welcomes aged care pricing review

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has welcomed the terms of reference for the Review of Pricing Arrangements for Residential Aged Care, released yesterday by Minister for Ageing Kevin Andrews (pictured).

"CHA is pleased to see its recommendations have been included in the final terms of reference," said CHA CEO Francis Sullivan. "Since 1998 CHA, along with the Productivity Commission, has called for a new funding formula to meet the real cost of care, rather than surviving on bureaucratic guesstimates."

CHA believes the outcome of the Review, due to report to the Minister for Ageing by the end of 2003 should rechannel government funding in such a way that it meets the real cost of care.

"The Review must accurately calculate the real cost of wages, workers' compensation, indemnity insurance and essential pharmaceutical and medical supplies," said Mr Sullivan. "Residential aged care is fully funded by a Commonwealth formula that currently falls seriously short of the mark."

Catholic Health Australia
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Catholic Health Australia

17 Sep 2002