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Irish author calls for an end to fear in the Church

Irish theologian and author Fr Daniel O'Leary, who is visiting Australia, has called for an end to fear in the Church.

"The Church today', he says, "Is in a serious crisis. But there is much to do. The human, compassionate and vulnerable face and vision of Jesus has to be restored to a frightened Church.

In his books on spirituality he calls on readers to live in the present. Living in the past or the future, he argues, only drains our energies and denies the truth of the ever-present, intimate God. For believers, living in the present leads to a more vibrant and authentic way of living.

Fr O'Leary from County Kerry now works as a pastor in Yorkshire. Over the years he has served also as episcopal vicar and teacher's college lecturer. He has written several books on the priesthood, the Church and especially spirituality, including Passion for the Possible and Travelling Light.

While in Australia he is giving a number of lectures and retreats in Perth, Bunbury, Melbourne and Sydney. In addition he will speak to a number of meetings of priests on the future of the priesthood.

Fr Daniel O'Leary in Australia
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John Garratt

12 Sep 2002