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Archbishop says revenge dishonours memory of September 11 victims

Archbishop Francis Carroll told yesterday's Canberra ecumenical commemorative service for September 11 victims that we must treasure the memories of those who died, as the spectre of war haunts the world.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President and Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn urged the 1200-strong congregation that included the Prime Minister and the Governor-General that we should "refuse to demean or dishonour their memory by making it the rhetoric of revenge."

Brisbane's Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby led that city's service in St Stephen's Cathedral. He said members of the community need to work harder to reach out to each other in a spirit of forgiveness and love.

"Especially to our Islamic brothers and sisters in the one family of God who are perhaps suffering more today than any other single grouping of people, even here in what we like to think is our super-tolerant Australia," he said.

In Washington, Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, told a congregation that people of faith should form "a holy and unshakable coalition for peace".

Bishops' Sept. 11 Statement Calls for Not Just a 'Safer World But a More Just and Peaceful World'

ABC/Courier-Mail/The Guardiani

12 Sep 2002