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Caritas teaches students to act for global concern

Senior secondary school students from across Australia came together last weekend to express and share their hopes and concerns about the theme A Place to Call Home.

The 2002 Festival of Global Concern was organised and run by Caritas Australia to give students the opportunity to learn more about leadership for justice, peace, development and reconciliation.

43 schools from around Australia participated in the festival, which took place at Kurrajong in NSW.

"This is the third Festival that has been run by Caritas Australia," said Caritas Australia's, National Director, Jack de Groot. "At each festival we are astounded by the enthusiasm and confidence of students who are ready to learn about and take action on issues of global concern."

During the Festival, students participated in a variety of hands-on activities and inspiring liturgies. Students were also given the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops.

Caritas Australia's Pacific Program Coordinator, Justine McMahon facilitated a workshop on 'Conflict in the Pacific', exploring reasons why an increasing number of people have no place to call home. In another workshop, Fr Brian Gore offered students an insight into global debt and its effects on the world's poorest nations.

Students were engaged by a number of guest speakers who spoke about their knowledge on the issues of justice, peace and reconciliation as well as sharing their personal experiences in their work.

Emma Wooldridge who participated in the festival two years ago returned to share how the festival had inspired her to take action.

"During the festival I was challenged to make a commitment to justice. The weekend gave me the inspiration and motivation to take action in my local community. Even if the things we do are only small, they still help someone and that is what's important," said Emma.

Reflecting on the festival, Andrew Harris from Nagle College, Bairnsdale in Victoria said, "Participating in the festival was a great experience. I am more aware and realise the importance of justice and human rights and how even the little things we do can make a difference," said Andrew.

Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency for overseas aid and development working with Indigenous communities in Australia and throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific.

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Caritas Australia

11 Sep 2002