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September 11 remembrance for Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral community will host a ceremony of remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, including prayers for those who died and a commitment to reconciliation among all peoples.

The ceremony will be held at St Mary's Cathedral today at 1:10 pm. It will be part of the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by the Cathedral's Dean, Monsignor Tony Doherty.

"Our prayer will be that the whole human family discover an effective means of achieving peace, without resorting to terrorism, militarism, fundamentalism, economic domination or violence." Monsignor Doherty said.

"We grieve with those who still live with the hideous images of a year ago forever etched in their minds - thousands of unsuspecting city workers dead, representatives from almost every nation. Models of great heroism and seemingly endless grieving, coupled with deep uncertainty about the future."

"We come together to pray for peace with justice, and that from the ashes of ground zero will rise renewed hope that future generations will live free of fear and in appreciation of the greater concerns of the entire human family."

Catholic Communications (Sydney) | St Mary's Cathedral

Catholic Communications (Sydney)

11 Sep 2002