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Canadian bishop stands by priest's refusal to marry pro-abortion couple

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry has supported the stand of one of his priests in denying the request of a Planned Parenthood employee to be married in his parish.

"No Catholic can responsibly take a pro-choice stand when the choice in question involves the taking of innocent human life," said Bishop Henry. "The whole Planned Parenthood agenda is not in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church."

Celina Ling and her fiancee, Robert Symmonds, who is not Catholic, had not anticipated the problem, which was heightened when they "ran to the media".

"It's hard to construe of anybody being penitent when they run to the media," said Bishop Henry's comment. "Obviously, in this particular situation there doesn't seem to be much recognition on the part of the young lady in question that she's done anything wrong."

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2 Sep 2002