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Miracle tears claims draw hundreds to church statue

Hundreds of people have descended on a Perth suburban church to witness a phenomenon that some say is a miracle.

They converged on Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Rockingham yesterday afternoon to see a fibreglass statue of the Virgin Mary, which apparently has been shedding tears of an oil-like substance.

Roads around the church were busy with traffic and a nearby oval was opened up to provide extra carparking. People started lining up outside the church two hours before it opened to the public at 3.30pm. The queue, stretching up to 150m, snaked its way around the church's front carpark.

The statue was bought by parishioner Patty Powell while in Thailand eight years ago and first started weeping in March. The tears have appeared on a regular basis since last month.

George and Elizabeth Mavros, of Applecross, were there with Mr Mavros' 92-year-old mother, Dorothea. They waited 45 minutes before an usher saw Mr Mavros' wheelchair-bound mother and called them to front of the church.

"It is a very spiritual experience," Elizabeth Mavros said. "We don't get much of that thing in Perth. If you have got faith then it is a miracle."

Fr Walsh said the statue would be open for public viewing as long as it kept weeping and the viewing hours could be extended.

He could not explain the weeping. "Miracles are something beyond the power of nature," he said.

Fr Walsh said there were no plans for a formal investigation by the Church at this stage

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The West Australian

9 Sep 2002