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Catholic Social Services supports Vic Govt's mental health direction

Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV), the peak body for Victoria's Catholic welfare organisations, has applauded the State Government's New Directions for Victoria's Mental Health Services announced yesterday by Health Minister John Thwaites.

But the agency has insisted that the Government must act to allocate resources to follow up the announcement.

Fr Joe Caddy, Director of Social Policy at CSSV, commented after the launch of the New Directions strategy. He observed that "the recent experience of Catholic community agencies working across the whole range of welfare needs is that vast numbers of peole with mental illnesses are falling through the gaps".

Fr Caddy said: "The measures announced today, if well resourced, promise to lead to greater levels of prevension whereby fewer people will tumble into those difficult situations where there needs and suffering are further compounded."

The New Directions policy includes the development of 'step-down' and 'step-up' models of mental health care in recognition of a group of people who fall between the need for high level acute care, and those who cope reasonably well with a minimum of support.

Victoria's Mental Health Services | New Directions For Victoria's Mental Health Services. The Next Five Years - September 2002 (pdf) | New Directions For Victoria's Mental Health Services. The Next Five Years. The Plain English Version - September 2002 (pdf)

Catholic Social Services Victoria

5 Sep 2002