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Archbishop calls Tasmanians to make 'personal choices' in favour of ecology

Personal choices such as recycling, avoiding waste, composting, tree-planting, car-pooling, prudent use of water and energy are the key to fulfilling human responsibility to the environment, according to Tasmanian Archbishop Adrian Doyle.

Archbishop Doyle (pictured) issued his own statement at the weekend in support of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Social Justice Sunday statement A New Earth: The Environmental Challenge.

He added that while all have personal responsibilities, some have "the additional call of working assiduously to change public policy and the structure of economic and political systems in our world".

He mentioned advocacy for stronger environmental protection legislation, research into safe and renewable energy sources, and development of new employment opportunities for workers displaced by changes.

Archbishop Doyle urged Tasmanians to start at home and in their workplaces without being daunted by "the 'big' pictures such as a Kyoto agreement or an earth summit".

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30 Sep 2002